Micah Pilat

Micah Pilat

Micah Pilat

Project Manager

Professional Bio

Mr. Micah Pilat is a Professional Engineer with his experience focused on structures. His areas of expertise include bridge design, bridge rehabilitation, bridge inspection, bridge load rating, public art structural design, temporary industrial structure design, and construction and demolition support design. He is proficient in designs involving reinforced concrete, structural steel, timber, and prestressed concrete. Micah’s design skill set includes developing solutions using 3D Finite Element Analysis and fashioning one-off design calculations for unique projects. He has led inspections of major iconic and movable bridges in the Greater Cleveland area including the Detroit-Superior Bridge, Lorain-Carnegie Bridge, Lofton Henderson Memorial Bridge, Akron’s North Main High Level Bridge, and various lift bridges over the Cuyahoga River in Downtown Cleveland. Mr. Pilat has extensive experience designing and managing projects from the conceptual stage through construction completion. Micah is committed to the advancement of the structural engineering community by serving in leadership roles in the Association for Bridge Construction and Design and volunteering as a judge for the Summit County Miniature Bridge Building Competition. He currently serves as a Project Manager and member of the Board of Directors for Euthenics.