Waterline Replacement and Sewer Improvements

Primary Service

  • Municipal Engineering


  • City of Lakewood


  • Lakewood

Tasks Performed

  • Roadway Design
  • Utility Relocation
  • Land Survey
  • Waterworks
  • Water Line Design
  • Utility Design
  • Pavement Design
  • Drainage Design
  • Sewer Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic
  • Sanitary Sewer Design
  • Culvert Design

Project Description

Detailed design plans for curb replacement and resurfacing of Glenbury Avenue, Mars Avenue, and Marlowe Avenue. Work includes design of over 3,600 feet of 8" ductile iron cement-lined waterline to replace existing 6" watermain, 12 hydrants, and replacing lead service connections to approximately 266 households. There is 3,575 feet of existing sanitary sewers that will be rehabilitated with CIPP. 26 catch basins and broken curb will be replaced, and ADA compliant ramps designed with roadway decorative features of colored stamped brick crosswalks followed by resurfacing. Maintenance of traffic plans, stormwater pollution prevention and landscaping plans will be included in this contract.